DMAK Cleaning Services

As a local, independent, family company, based here in Liverpool, our business has been built upon 25 years of delivering great service. And we owe everything we are today to our customers and our staff. We pride ourselves on having achieved significantly higher staff retention rates than most in our industry and this has contributed greatly to the strong customer relationships that we have established over the years.

The company has expanded throughout the North West, but we have endeavoured to maintain the ‘local business’ ethos that we started with. We believe that is why we get so much great feedback from our customers and our aim is to continue to work towards that goal – investing in employing happy staff, training them into great cleaning operatives and showing them how to continue delighting our customers.

Whether you are too busy juggling your work-life balance, preoccupied looking after everyone else in the family, or you just need to be looked after yourself… there is nothing better than having your house thoroughly and respectfully cleaned by a professional. Everyone knows that carpets are a potential breeding ground for bugs and other nasties. The regular vacuum is obviously a great place to start, but nothing freshens up a room or increases its hygiene levels as much as a thorough carpet clean. And using a specialist carpet cleaning company such as DMAK will make all of the difference.