JCS Cleaning NW (Ltd)

Cleaning is no longer a simple 'Mrs Mop' industry; professional cleaning services are now a necessity for most businesses. With 25 years of experience working in the commercial cleaning industry, JCS Cleaning (NW) Ltd is now one of the UK's leading companies and work with a number of businesses in Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds. Despite our size, and the fact that we work with some elite, large enterprises, we also clean the premises of a number of smaller, independent businesses who receive the exact same bespoke service and customer care. One thing that sets us apart from other cleaning companies is the relationships we form with our clients. We ensure that all our cleaners on site are fully supervised and that an area manager performs a weekly check. Senior management will visit regularly and all clients are given their mobile numbers should they ever need to urgently get in contact with someone from JCS Cleaning (NW) Ltd.