Clean My Carpets

We provide a cleaning service for the domestic, commercial, and disaster cleaning services.

Common services include: carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning (including oriental rugs, silk rugs, Persian rugs, custom-made rugs, and braided rugs), grout and tile cleaning and closing, leather furniture cleaning, water damage and mold cleaning, fire destruction cleaning, family pet stain removal, engineering clean up, and 24 hour crisis services for catastrophe cleanup. We are always accessible anytime, any day to assist you in your crisis.

Floods and fires can result in a ton of destruction; however, we will be right along to help you clean up and rebuild your home or business back again to its original glory.

Why get your furniture cleansed? One particular way to help ease your pain and keep airborne contaminants away is to get your upholstered furniture washed regularly! Pollen, mildew, dirt mites, and peg dander tend to settle into the fabric where they can inflict you as well as your family. Apart from this health factor, it will also assist in preventing deterioration from accelerating its decline. Nothing stays new permanently, but it can stay better much longer if you care for it!