A & P Cleaning Services

We'll take care of you personally. Driveway and indoor flooring cleaning enquiries. We provide a professional and helpful service that guarantees the satisfaction of our customers. Our telephones are usually answered personally, if this is not possible then please leave a message on our answer machine - we always return calls. Please take your time to browse around our website.

As times, lifestyles, and fashions change then so does our business. Karndean, Slate, Marble etc all fitted. So Paul went along and did the relevent training for the restoration and maintenance of this type of flooring and once we told our current and potential clients we could offer this service we were really happy with the response. We then explored the outdoor flooring and again like indoor flooring many people invest a lot of money in making their home look nice outside too, many people like to protect their investment and have it cleaned and maintained on a regular basis.